Upon entry into the Pay Chess client, press the ``n'' key to bring up the visual interface. From there, you can connect to the ICS server as a guest and start a game. The interface will guide you completely to the start of a game within a matter of moments.

More keyboard details: As an alternative to the visual interface, depress and release F2 followed by depressing and releasing F7 to initiate a connection to the ICS server. When the connection prompt appears, press F3 to toggle keyboard input to the ICS terminal and then type ``guest'' and enter a few times. Now press Press F5 to set important default interface ICS settings, such as style 12 which is used by the graphical board. You can seek a game manually by typing keyboard statements or simply press F8 to get a game. When you see a blinking box indicator by the board, press F3 to toggle away the ICS keyboard input, followed by F2 to do away with the ICS terminal, and play the game.