1 Remote data drive

An NFS server for the Pay Chess data set.

Includes 2D bitmap fonts, 3D stl font, and more.

Also open street map files, which are unpacked, so you can select your region without using a large amount of space locally.

1.1 UNIX fstab

First, create a mount point for the NFS data.

sudo mkdir -p /mnt/paychess

An example /etc/fstab entry:

quick.paychess.com:/home/pubnfs/paychess/share/data /mnt/paychess nfs auto 0 0

Then, symlink your installation to use the NFS location (as a regular user).

cd ~/paychess/share  
ln -s /mnt/paychess data

You will then end up with a  /paychess/share/data directory that contains all the startup files used by the Pay Chess client.

1.2 Windows NFS