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This is for version 2.x series of the client available as paychess-static-ubuntu16.04.tar.bz2

Debug versions and a shared library version are also available in the automatic build distribution directory. It will also be available shortly again as .deb package install file. This is the preferred distribution for Pay Chess.

Unpack instructions:

  (cd ~ ; bunzip2 < ~/Downloads/paychess-static-ubuntu16.04.tar.bz2 | tar xvf -)

The above will expand to a directory named ~/paychess-static.

You also need the torrent distribution for the shared data files.

Compiling takes about 46s on a quad core GNU/Linux system.

About 41s using 6 processes (distcc) between a dualcore laptop and quadcore pc.


MacOS for version 2.x series of the client is available as macos_paychess.tar.bz2

After many years it was first developed by 10-Oct-2017 and released on 12-Oct-2017. It builds with a configure script just like on GNU/Linux.

Unpack instructions:
    mkdir ~/paychess
    cd ~/paychess
    bunzip2 < ~/Downloads/macos_paychess.tar.bz2 | tar xvf -

You also need the torrent distribution for the shared data files.

This release uses X Windows and thus relies on XQuartz.


1. You may see a pop up notice similar to the following:

2. Simply highlight and click for related options to allow the download.

3. In the File Download dialog box, do one of the following:

4. If your download still does not start, click this link:
Start download.

Alternate download availability:

Download from primary site → paychess.exe

Download with eMule client →

Nightly snapshots are available. Use these to help rule out issues with networking, sound, or video.

The version 2.x series client is now available from the build distribution area. You may also need some production dll files.


Currently using Android NDK version r15c and also Android Studio 3.0 to build.

This is android_paychess.apk (10-Nov-2017 magnet link) which is a test app at the moment, with the native code imported however not yet fully activated or refined yet. Compiling is with a combination of gcc for the core libraries, and clang++ for the final assembly. Using arm v5, platform 21.

In particular we are now using GLESv3 so in theory once the Android app is complete, it should be closer to being portable to the iPhone IOS platform.

On Samsung devices you may need to navigate to the Download folder. Go to the Samsung folder first, then My Files, and click Device storage. Finally you should see the Download folder where you can open the .apk file, for installation.

There is no streetmap support at the moment.


The iOS demo application without any native C libraries yet is available as PayChess.ipa. It will be an Open GLES application.

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